Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tanah Longsor di China, 26 Tewas, 73 Hilang

Tanah Longsor di China, 26 Tewas, 73 Hilang ~ Guanling, China (Antara News/Xinhua-OANA) - the Team penyelemat issued 26 bodies from inside landslide ruins in the Guizhou province, China baratdaya, and totalling 73 people still was lost, said the Dinas Tanggap Darurat Headquarters, on Saturday. The team of the rescuer was trying to look for signs of the life, but to be as far as this did not yet find living casualties, said Chairman Tim of the Rescuer, Pu Jianjiang. "Despite slight hope, but we were still continuing to look for living casualties," he said.

The team's more than 700 members of the rescuer and the heavy machinery were trying to tear down the land to look for casualties. The landslide happened on Saturday the dawn around struck 2,30 local time in Desan Dazhai, the Huanling regency, buried alive 99 people. At least 1,000 villagers who lived in the region were evacuated to the safe place. The medical workers carried out mass medical treatment to prevent terjangkit him the illness in the landslide territory.

The landslide as a result of by the high rainfall on the south and west the China power for the length of last week. The heavy rain killed at least 175, and dozens of people are still stated was lost, while the river water overflowed and the landslide interrupted the highway and the railway line. Heavy rain caused the flash flood, soaked the crop, severed traffic relations and communication, that forced the evacuation more than one million residents, said the Ministry of the Sipil Affair. The control bodies of the disaster

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