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Sauerkraut Recipe

Sauerkraut Recipe, This salad specific person never gets old. It can be a basic meal, especially dinner, with variations in the types of greens, herbs, cabbage, olives or sea vegetables, and tomatoes, from cherry to the former; it is constantly changing and therefore never gets old. I’m sure you’ll bring your own favorite version, once you get this model down.

Like black-eyed peas germinated because of their texture of cheese, pine nuts, but too much work, because of their cheesy. Spicy daikon sprouts (or you can use radish) make a slightly bitter touch that adds to the interest and balance to the salad. Be careful when adding the chopped chilli. You just want a touch of warmth, and if there is not enough of the salad can be too bland, but too much and you will not taste anything but heat. Add remaining tomatoes sweet and herbs and onion make savory. Your greens are the canvas on which all living foods thus it starts. I often use baby spinach, exclusively or mix different types of leaves or mesclun based on what I find on the market that works better.

I also often complement this salad lunch with live-nori rolls counsel. Often I’ll add a third part you know I will continuously invite you to try – a large portion of spicy live Kim Chi or raw sauerkraut. It still bears repeating that all the longer term, the healthiest cultures in the world depend on daily servings of certain types of fermented foods, because of its numerous health benefits and unparalleled beauty, the most important is continuous supply of probiotics or friendly bacteria stimulate the immune system, which has fermented food brings to the digestive system.

It takes some “will-serve” for the American consumer, but personally has proved to myself the validity of the consumption of fermented foods in all forms available, I am convinced that live on a diet, which makes fermented vegetable salads a regular part of my menu is one of the nicest things I can do for me. Like me, you will see the brilliance of your double and all indications that you are healthier as you made such a defense system very reinforced in order not to fall sick longer! I am a regular consumer of many excellent chilled fermented vegetable salads found in most health food stores. In fact, when I am buying them, there are usually two or three beautiful young women who walk beside me and help themselves to several pots. The beautiful world knows! Now, this salad really great!

Really big salad, honey!

4 tablespoons garlic-infused olive oil unfiltered
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
1-2 teaspoons minced red jalapeno, seeded
1 cup sprouted black eyed peas or ½ cup pine nuts
1 cup daikon radish sprouts
1 large firm ripe tomatoes, sliced very thin
Kalamata 1 / 3 cup or sun-dried olives, cut from the pit, or ½ cup chopped dulse
½ cup chopped chervil or basil
2 tablespoons finely sliced sweet Vidalia or red onion (optional)
6 cups baby spinach, romaine lettuce or baby greens or a combination of greens of your choice

Measure the olive oil and lemon juice in a large bowl and whisk to emulsify until smooth. Add all other ingredients and mix well and stir and mix. The secret of a big salad is ready to launch enough to blend the flavors and ingredients.

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