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ICEMA Winner 2010

ICEMA Winner 2010ICEMA Winner 2010 ~ Here's a list of winners ICEMA 2010 - Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards, the first time, Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards (ICEMA) was held. Here's the winners announced in Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Sunday (18/07/2010) night.

ICEMA the awards event, which is applied to non-mainstream musicians. Since April, the nominees selected by voting which was held in www.icema.co.id. Soleh Solihun role as host of the show in the performances ICEMA which started around 20:00 pm and ended close to midnight.

Band from Bali, Superman Is Dead being a musician with the most awards. They managed to buy up three trophies for the category of Favorite Punk / Hardcore Song, Favorite Artwork from Album and Favorite Band Duo or Group.

After Superman Is Dead, Another musician that debuted Maliq & d'Essentials and Adhitia Sofyan, compact get two trophies. Meanwhile Favorite World Music Song Tompi achieved. Unfortunately the surgeon is not present to receive the award.

ICEMA Winner 2010

Greenhouse Effect Band trio, managed to pocket the trophy Alternative Favorite Song. Three special trophies jury rembukan results appeared in the final event. Pas won the Most Inspiring Band, Best Album by the Greenhouse Effect and Lifetime Achievement obtained Fariz RM.

"For once I receive the award which bermatabat," Fariz said among the barrage of her gratitude.

Not just read the winning nomination, the show also included appearances in 2010 ICEMA ciamik from cutting edge bands. They collaborate with the brilliant onstage.

Call it The Authentic action with which the song belongs Superglad Pas. Also when the music Suggest from the Greenhouse Effect is combined with creative ideas Khaseli Zeke. They sang the song 'juvenile delinquency in the Era of Information'. Jas says "Create a Shame - Sex" on the back adorned their action.

Notturno, you, Mian Tiara and Leonardo also collaborate. Likewise with Souljah who managed to unite their music with Endah N 'Resha.

The event was closed by the action hit The Flowers that took Adrian Adioetomo and Indra Lesmana. Common sense familiar with jazz music appear to enjoy the rare game. He roared-raungkan kibord with cutting edge tones of a very integrated with voice and guitar Adrian rock & roll's The Flowers.

ICEMA 2010 winners list:

* Alternative Favorite Song: Greenhouse Effect
* Favorite World Music Song: Tompi
* Favorite Singer-songwriter: Adhitia Sofyan
* Favorite Rock Song: The S.I.G.I.T
* Favorite Reggae and Ska Song: Shaggy Dog
* Favorite Punk / Hardcore Song: Superman Is Dead
* Favorite Pop Song: Maliq & d'Essentials
* Metal Favorite Song: Dead Squad
* Favorite Comedy Song: Jiung
* Favorite Jazz Song: Barry Likumahuwa Project
* Favorite Folk / Country Song: Three Morning
Electronica * Favorite Song: Goodnight Electric
* Favorite Blues Song: Gugun & Blues Shelter
* Favorite Emo Song: Killing Me Inside
* Favorite Hip Hop / R & B Song: A Flow
* Favorite Dance Song: DJ Riri Mestika
* Favorite Artwork from Album: Superman Is Dead
* Favorite Album Packaging: Maliq & d'Essentials
* Favorite Solo Artist / Band: Adhitia Sofyan
* Favorite Band Duo or Group: Superman Is Dead
* Most Inspiring Band: Pas
* Best Album: Greenhouse Effect
* Lifetime Achievement: Fariz RM

Best New Comer ICEMA 2010:

* Monkey to Millionaire
* Murasaki
* Stereocase
* Lipstick Lipsing
* Goose and the Wolf
* Stereo Conspiracy
* King of Panda
* Windri Marieta and Friends

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