Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BOSS 2000, Mobile Local Features' Smartphone

SmartphoneLatest Gadget Info ~ Flooding of local phone taste of China in Indonesia, made a number of vendors who set up a number of strategies not only on the side of the model and form, but also from the software side.

This was also done by PT Supertone, as a distributor partner SPC Mobile, who try to immerse software called Go Social. Took ShoZu application, there are some services offered in mobile BOSS 2000.

Tedjokusumo described by Raymond, General Manager, SPC Mobile, ShoZu can be a tool pengungah photos to all social networks like Facebook or Twitter, just by one click only.

In addition, it is able to perform a social service to synchronize your phonebook contacts with the social networking phone book. Includes Backup phone to record parts of the contacts on the handset. No less important is the push email.

As a feature phone first to adopt technology Social Go, SPC Mobile believes that the BOSS 2000 will be a new breakthrough Indonesian mobile industry. Customers can enjoy high-quality online experience, which can not be given a phone-call feature that already exists on this Asaat.

Meanwhile, to expand its sales coverage, BOSS 2000 will hold Indosat.

"We warmly welcome bundling programs with SPC Indosat Mobile. This collaboration provides an opportunity for Indosat to offer the experience of mobile internet data services with affordable packages to customers. With a price range Rp600 thousand, BOSS 2000 from SPC Mobile comes complete with a service to subscribers of Indosat, "said Teguh Prasetya, Group Head of VAS Marketing Indosat.

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